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The majority of Americans say that race relations are bad. And yet we find race very difficult to talk about. We’re afraid of stepping on toes, of saying the wrong thing, of making a terrible mistake without realizing it. We assume things that we’re afraid to admit and we have questions that we’re afraid to ask.

What if she thinks I’m a racist? What if he thinks I’m too liberal or too conservative? And so we dance around this elephant in the middle of our friendships and we never “go there.” 

No one wants to talk about it all of the time, but healing will never come if we fail to talk about it some of the time.

And so I’m hoping to have a conversation. I’m putting some thoughts out there for reflection and consideration, and I really want your feedback. I may be wrong; we all have blind spots. Just be courteous and open and I will, too!

Now, let’s chat!

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