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About Nicole Doyley


Early Years

Nicole Doyley grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Dartmouth College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English. She worked in church ministry for almost 25 years, authored three books and published numerous articles in diverse periodicals, including the Huffington Post and The Witness: a Black Christian Collective. 


Platform and Strengths

Nicole hosts her own podcast (Let’s Talk: conversations on race), and is consistently invited to speak about race at various seminars, schools, and organizations, both Christian and secular. Her trusted ability to articulate in a disarming manner enables her to inspire productive conversations surrounding race.

Nicole is the Advocacy Director at Kinsman Quarterly and a regular contributor for Rochester Woman Online.

As a biracial woman, Nicole has spent her entire life engaging in both black and white worlds and she’s able to comfortably participate in diverse communities with ease and understanding. She is a safe person to all kinds of people, which allows her to approach complex issues with honesty and grace.



Nicole is happily married to her Jamaican husband, Marvin, and knows some of the complexities of multicultural relationships. She is also a mother to two young men of color, and has personally experienced the heartache of walking her children through difficult race conversations. She will continue to support them as they grow to embrace all of who they are and where they came from.


New Book

Her new book, a parent's guide to fostering identity formation within their mixed-race children, will release in Spring 2025 (Westminster John Knox).

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