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 About Me 

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I am biracial and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. My Harlem born father met my Pennsylvanian born mother in Colorado Springs, Colorado and married her when it was still illegal to do so in many states. After receiving vicious death threats, they moved to New York City, where I was born. Brooklyn was a fantastic place to grow up! 


I studied Classical piano avidly as a teenager and played in recitals at Carnegie Recital Hall, attended Performing Arts High School and set my sights on becoming a classical pianist. Then I experienced burnout and my focus shifted from music to literature and history. I attended Dartmouth College, majored in English, and concentrated on medieval and African American literature.

After graduation, I worked in ministry for over twenty-five years and spoke in conferences in many different countries. I love speaking in both Christian and secular spaces to just about anyone: young, old, Black, white, professionals and stay-at-home moms.

Almost two decades ago, I married my best friend, Dr. Marvin Doyley, a professor of computer and electrical engineering. In 2008, we moved to Rochester, New York where we live with our two handsome, smart, compassionate sons. I’m a Christian, an author, a podcaster, a speaker and the manager of a busy home.

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