About Me 

I am biracial and grew up in Brooklyn, New York in the 1970’s. My Harlem born father met my Pennsylvanian born mother in Colorado Springs, Colorado and married her when it was still illegal to do so in many states. After receiving vicious death threats, they moved to New York City, where I was born. Brooklyn was a fantastic place to grow up! 


The halls of our apartment were filled one minute with Beethoven, and the next Aretha Franklin. Powerful symphonies and rich R&B sounds stir my heart equally, and the colorful stories of my paternal grandparents made an indelible mark on my soul.

My parents and grandparents poured so much into me that in some ways I feel like the richest person on earth.

I left Brooklyn to attend Dartmouth College where I majored in English. Over a decade ago, I married my best friend, Dr. Marvin Doyley, a professor of computer and electrical engineering. In 2008, we moved to Rochester, New York where we live with our two handsome, smart, compassionate sons. I’m a Christian, a writer, a podcaster, a speaker and the manager of a busy home.